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Content note: Spoilers for today's episode of Steven Universe!

Did anyone else catch when Peridot referred to Lapis as "my ... " and then jumped to another thought? I'm reminded of the thing going around on Tumblr about how Lauren Zuke meant to write theirs as "a budding queer relationship," and I've been starting to see the potential there, and to enjoy hinting at it in our fics.

Someone else on Tumblr said that there's no way the scene with Lapis and Peridot in "Peridot's old room" was not gay. Now I want to imagine how!

Lapis doesn't like being reminded of what she did once she got free of the mirror. ^^;

Was Lapis making a mirror joke again, when she pretended not to know who Amethyst was? 'Cause it's not like she hasn't been watching the Crystal Gems for who knows how long, now.

Pumpkin somehow survived both winter and fall. Maybe Steven's magical plants don't go rotten at the same rate after all!

The world would not survive a fusion of Peri and Pearl.

After Peridot became un-augmented, they changed her theme to a less jarring and techno version of it. Lapis' theme still sounds wild and alarming, though, and suggests that we should be afraid when she uses her water powers. We probably should. I'm not sure how much, or if, it's been changed.

Everyone sure settled into their roles quickly, didn't they? I wonder just how much RP Lapis and Peridot do at the barn ~

Finally, a big "thank you" to Connie for saying what needed to be said. And for saving Beach City from the two rogue Gems that were threatening it. ~_^

A picture of Connie, Lapis, Pumpkin, and Peridot striking a pose for the camera.

Go Crystal Temps!

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