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But its message was not that we should be conciliatory towards actual fascists, or let them say horrible things at (American) Thanksgiving. Its real message was directed at the supporters themselves.

Content note: Spoilers for an episode of Steven Universe.

We've seen Steven fight, to defend himself and others. We've seen the way he acts around intractable assholes like Kevin, who hurt people he cares about and then laugh at them.

In Gem Harvest, Steven wasn't trying to get along with someone who posed a real threat. Lapis easily overpowered Andy DeMayo, and Peridot has a fleet of attack drones now (omg). Steven was trying to avoid violence and build understanding and acceptance between everyone, not paper over real problems until they build up like a swarm of butterflies in an awesome Estelle music video. He always uses his charm and empathy first, when he has the chance.

The reason it worked, in Gem Harvest, is because Andy made himself vulnerable. He realized that he was upset at them because of things he was missing in his life. He realized some of his problems were self-inflicted. And he realized that the "illegal martian immigrants" living in "his" barn deserved to be there.

Finally, he wasn't the one doing the talking, at the "thanks-giving dinner" scene. So it wasn't a vehicle for "AM radio" hate hurting people that Steven cares about; it was really a chance for everyone to come together.

If he had mouthed off at everyone then. If he'd refused to change his mind about anything, because of how much he doesn't like change. Then it would have been a very different story.

My sympathy and condolences, to everyone living that story next week.

If you've been staying quiet to keep the peace, now is the time to fight back. Especially at Thanksgiving dinner. Now is the time to challenge bigoted people. Now is the time to burn your bridges, destroy your relationships, and never be invited back because you called someone out for their hate speech.

More people will die if you don't.

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