Jul. 29th, 2016 05:37 am
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I haven't been updating this enough. But the stuff I've been reading online lately is extremely depressing, so I figured I ought to spend more time on things like Dreamwidth and AO3 maybe. >_>


Hormone-wise, I have finally reached normal female levels of E and T, and my appearance and physical form have changed significantly. The clinic I go to doesn't have my written permission slip from the teacher, I mean therapist, though, and they finally noticed that and insisted on it. This is probably just an inconvenience, but it's also kind of darkly funny at this point. I would like to reiterate my proposal to have the ease of accessing hormones and firearms in the United States trade places.

Technology-wise, after hearing us complain about Windows and Linux one too many times [tumblr.com profile] spinecrawlerrush generously equipped us with Apple electronics. We now have a MacBook named Zircon, and an iPod named Garnet. We came up with these names before getting into the Steven Universe series, but since our last laptop was named Amethyst we may start looking for an excuse to call something Pearl.

Speaking of SU, we're around 8000 words into the fanfic we mentioned, but are trying to actually finish chapter one before posting anything. We're still committed to writing the Hate Plus fanfic; we've just had to postpone it in order to play through the $&@! game again to research some stuff. -_- Which has understandably impacted momentum.

In the realm of tabletop games, we haven't completely given up on the idea of playing 40k, but the new edition of Warmachine improves on a lot. The hypermasculine "Page 5 Manifesto" has been replaced by a much friendlier "Welcome!" page in the new rule book, and the $40 USD starter sets come with a complete digest-sized version. Also, a playmat, terrain, tokens, and a "basic training" guide with one-player tutorial missions.

Best of all? The new female warcasters / 'locks wear reasonable armour and clothing. I know, right? I'm speechless.

For electronic games, they're letting us go back to FFXIV for a few days for free, and we're thinking of resubscribing. We've also been streaming FFXIII for Alias, watching it play Dangan Ronpa (TW: DR's treatment of the ambiguously-trans character is awful), and occasionally trying more 18+ games besides Cute Demon Crashers. Sadly, there still seem to be very few that are considerate of their players and characters, as anyone who's ever looked at them already knows.

That's about all, I guess. Except that if anyone has any SU fanfic recs, or just things that they'd like to share with us, we'd be more than happy to hear them.

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