Oct. 10th, 2015

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This is a long worldbuilding essay I did, both for [community profile] capsulerp and for the Analogue and Hate Plus adapts, of the way that I imagine their transhumanist society working. With regard to people's bodies and minds, and how they relate.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, whether about the worldbuilding itself or about what sort of character you'd like to have in this setting (whether or not you are in the RP).

Primary Inspirations

  • Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus. PC games by Christine Love.

  • The Culture novels, by Iain Banks.

  • Mindjammer. Pen-and-paper roleplaying game by Sarah Newton, and powered by Fate Core.

  • Sword of the Stars series. PC games by Kerberos Productions, with lore written by Arinn Dembo.

Who are you?

Most people are at least partly defined by their species and cultural roles. Your personal identity, or identity traits which define who you are as a person, consists of two things.

  • Your neurotype, or "who you are on the inside."

  • Your phenotype, or "who you are on the outside."

Transhumanist fiction, like the [community profile] capsulerp, is based on the idea that the two can be separated. That while your body can be a way of expressing yourself, it doesn't have to be something you're stuck with, especially if it's making you feel sick or miserable.

What form would you choose for yourself, if you could? And how would you go about transferring your consciousness into it?

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