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So, lately I've taken to reading transcripts of the "FATAL & Friends" reviews on Something Awful, named after the legendary Worst RPG Ever. It's been very interesting to get a fresh perspective on games like Pathfinder, and see their flaws pointed out by an outsider.

(The Original D&D review was also very interesting. Did you know that the reason Pathfinder has so many spells like Cloudkill and Hallucinatory Terrain is because they were originally supposed to be used in a Warhammer style miniatures game, to delete blocks of infantry or to create or obscure terrain?)

Fate Core in person

I also recently had the experience of going out to GM a starting session of Fate Core in person, for a Pathfinder veteran and his friend who was new to RPGs but was very interested when I described Fate.

In hindsight, I think I did things all wrong for the planned Capsule Contingency RPG. >_>;;

I originally had the idea that became Capsule Contingency while reading through Pathfinder books about their solar system. There's a trait that's like, you woke up in an alien test chamber or something, and the planet that's like Golarion's Mercury has these steam vents with tiny ecosystems and alien technology inside.

So, it began life as a Pathfinder RPG idea, which I was going to try to create a traditional dungeon for using the Technology Guide. That's how Pathfinder works, after all; the GM draws the map, and the players explore it (and cast spells like Cloudkill on anything that moves).

That's not how Fate Core works, though. In Fate, you're supposed to design the story and setting together. And it actually helped me to do that, GMing in person, because when I started I had only a vague idea of a story hook, plus the idea that since it's in person we can use our miniatures for stuff.

Sitting down at a table with the other players, hashing out our ideas and writing them down on the planning sheet provided with the core book, it turned from "maybe you end up in a snowy place like in Narnia???" to a story about a mad scientist and his unwilling "assistant," who unlock the secret of interdimensional travel only to be set upon by "Ice Elves" who bear a striking resemblance to my Ret miniatures. Meanwhile, the third player decided he wanted to play a human brawler from the fantasy setting, who's wandered outside of their underground hot spring enclaves in search of freedom and adventure.

It was amazing, seeing it all come together. ^^; Not just the back-and-forth to come up with each individual character, but seeing the players come up with ideas for each other's characters. How they meet, what their relationship to each other is, and so on. They also helped design the game world and storyline, and gave me a lot of ideas to work with.

Capsule Contingency, meanwhile, was explicitly designed to preclude that. And part of the reason it's been delayed so much is because we have been really anxious about trying to turn our vague ideas into a storyline all on our own.

So, for [personal profile] redsixwing and [personal profile] sablin27 ...

What should we do for our planned game? Do you want to just start it right now, and then help us come up with things as we go? Because I think that we could do that, if there is an understanding that it isn't going to be perfect. ^^; We could alternately discuss some of the ideas we had for where the game's going to go, so we can find out what stories you're interested in exploring and maybe get some ideas and stuff.

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