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We're still trying to do this Fate Core RP, but we're feeling like we're in a little over our head.

Partly because the rules are unfamiliar, even though they're very intuitive, and we're afraid of getting something wrong. Partly because we have a history of mental health issues which have tended to mean that we can disappear for days at a time, and we're afraid this will happen and they players will bail on us. And partly because the last few games we tried to run either never got off the ground, or broke apart within just a few sessions.

In hindsight, it's pretty obvious to us and [personal profile] aliaspseudonym that what we were trying to do with those games (rewrite Pathfinder completely, in one, and DM 4th edition D&D online using print battle maps and a camera) was just a little overambitious, and that what we're trying to do right now is a thing both we and Fate Core excel at. But part of having issues like depression and anxiety is that you blame yourself for stuff that goes wrong, whether you deserve the blame or not.

It doesn't help that, like, ten or fifteen years ago GMing d20-based games was Our Way Of Life, and the validation we got from seeing our players excited about the games was an ego boost we desperately needed.

tl;dr We're doing our best but we're afraid of messing up, and this is making us avoidant of working on RPG things.

However! We've kept to our schedule so far, and as of right now, we've contacted both [personal profile] redsixwing and [personal profile] sablin27 about the last details that need to be clarified on their character sheets. If we can get that sorted out, we are going to write the first public RP post this weekend.

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