Jul. 24th, 2015

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If we decided to run an actual RP here on Dreamwidth, using Fate, Dungeon World, or another easy-to-learn / free online RPG system, would anyone be interested in joining up and posting a few times a week?

Here are the game ideas we're toying with:

  • Capsule Contingency (Sci-fi | Powered by Fate): You wake up in a wrecked stasis pod in some kind of alien facility, in a body which may or may not resemble your own and has softly glowing circuitry just beneath the skin. What are you, where are you, and can you escape before that skittering noise catches up to you?

  • Fey Forest (Fantasy | Dungeon World): A small group of travelers takes shelter from the rain, next to an ancient stone monolith. But as the rain begins to clear, and moonlight filters through silhouetted branches, the runes on the monolith glow. And the forest around you looks different ...

Either one can be run as a one-shot just to see how the system (and Dreamwidth play-by-post RP) work out, or can develop into a longer campaign. Anyone who is interested does not need to be familiar with either rules system, or any other RPGs we're GMed, but does need to be able to post at least a few times per week.

Let us know if there's any interest, and if we should develop either idea.

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