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Life events have kind of thrown us for a loop lately, with a romantic relationship ending under extremely unfortunate circumstances and sudden housing insecurity to worry about. ^^; We've been talking to [personal profile] aliaspseudonym and [personal profile] burning_ground about what we can do to avoid eviction ... in the meantime, offers of help or support are very much appreciated, especially with the housing situation.

EDIT: We're still reeling from the breakup, but I think we've worked out the housing thing. So no worries ...

In the meantime, here are some photos and recollections of the more positive side of our life. We've gotten into several games at the store, and our myrmidons are now basically finished:

Kaelyssa's Warmachine battlegroup, comprising a Manticore, Griffin, and Chimera. A group of four models sitting on Jewelfox's desk, hand-painted by her to resemble the studio scheme, and messily based using white glue and snowy flock.

We've cleaned up the stray snow on their bases since taking this picture.

As far as the gaming goes, we got into our first-ever game of Malifaux at the store, using someone else's "crew" of models.

A gaggle of unpainted Malifaux minis, who appear to be somewhere in the Badlands. Most of them are women carrying swords or other melee weapons.

A few of their outfits are questionable, but there are some badass women swordfighters in Malifaux.

Malifaux is an unusual, horror-themed miniatures game, which uses a "Fate Deck" instead of dice and has narrative-driven scenarios. Meaning, you could be fighting it out over objective markers or you could be framing someone for murder, breaking someone out of jail, or even poisoning your opponent's drink at a ball.

An outlay of Malifaux cards from a purple Fate Deck, mid-game.

Use the cards to Cheat Fate, or Lose Your Soul.

It takes place on the other side of a dimensional rift, sometime in the 1900's. Earth has been losing its magic for centuries, but the world surrounding the frontier city of Malifaux is just filled with it, in the form of "Soulstones." These can be mined by the dregs of society, who've only recently formed their own union, or recharged by being placed next to a dying person.

Hence, the name.

As one of the movers and shakers of Malifaux, you use your personal supply of soulstones to hire a "crew" of adventurers, represented by models and Magic-style cards.

Someone else's crew and upgrade cards, laid out on Jewelfox's side of the table.

The "blood-splattered dossier" look is a nice touch.

Just watch out for the long arm of the law, in the form of the Guild; the Neverborn, who don't appreciate human intruders ... and the Resurrectionists we played against, who see dead bodies as raw material.

Speaking of dead bodies

The Dark Angels chapter of Space Marines just can't catch a break!

Jewelfox's Tau and Kroot models turtling around gothic ruins, while someone else's 'Dark Angel' space marines climb out of their wrecked METAL BOXES and/or drive motorcycles up to the gun line.

They're the ones on the left, climbing out of the wrecked METAL BAWKSES.

A large part of Warhammer 40,000 strategy is deciding which models to place in "Ongoing Reserves," and when and where to bring them into play. It involves rolling dice, though, which is good if you're spamming a million troop models (like we did) but potentially disastrous if you need to bring in a small squad of elite superhumans in powered armour at a given time and place.

During an organized play league earlier, another Dark Angels opponent lost something like half of his 500-point list to a "deep strike" mishap, when one of his Space Marine Terminators apparently sneezed during an orbital drop and sent the whole squad crashing into a mountain. This time, a biker chaplain apparently brought the wrong map, and spent half the game circling around to arrive on the opposite side of the board from the battlesuits he was trying to outflank.

This squad of Dark Angels is standing on top of ruins. Somehow, they get to make cover saves because of that.

"Where in the Emperor's name ARE they? Our pizzas are going to get cold!"

Even THAT might not have doomed the poor Dark Angels, since they had a perfect charge lane right up to our squishy Kroot and Ethereal and we're very new to this game. But in 40k, you roll two six-sided dice to determine how far you can charge this turn ... and the other player rolled a 2 and a 3, on two consecutive turns.

Apparently while they were taking the long way around, their bikes ran out of gas.

A huge squad of quasi-avian Kroot Carnivores taking cover in gothic ruins, their cobbled-together rifles poking out of windows and around broken walls.

"Aim for the one who's flailing frantically with his legs."

With two extra turns for our Tau and Kroot to shoot the crap out of them, not even the God-Emperor could protect these Gue'ron'sha.

The surviving Space Marine swallows his pride, as the entire Tau gun line takes aim at him.

TAU BATTLESUIT COMMANDER: "Still wanna fight?"

LONE MARINE SURVIVOR: "No thanks, I'm good ... "

The Dark Angels are supposedly getting new models and updated rules for their old models, starting next week. May their relics be shiny, their chainswords well-oiled, and their bolters not prone to jamming! Otherwise we may see even more bloodbaths, since they're reputed to be one of the weakest armies. >_>;

Special thanks to [personal profile] burning_ground for painting those awesome Kroot models, and to the squad of Tau Pathfinders I brought! They somehow didn't make it into any pics, but their markerlights (like laser targeting sights) helped our troops shoot through smoke screens and focus fire on the bikes' gas tanks. Also thanks to our opponent, who was okay with a 750-point learning match and was not afraid to play "Space Marines on hard mode."

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