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Because I'm starting to get into interests besides "figuring out who I am," like writing a ridiculous number of words about gamefeels and painting a dozen identical miniatures at the same time. It's just that pretty much everyone I know here subscribed to me because of the essays about identity, religion, and the like, whereas people who are (or would be, hypothetically) interested in fanfics and minis would more than likely be turned off at worst or confused at best by getting to know me / us as a person.

... is how I see it.

We're also facing some unpleasant trends, while we'll discuss in more detail below the cut.

  1. Dreamwidth is losing momentum. I don't just mean in the sense that they rarely update their news anymore, I mean ... at least half the people I got to know here are either gone or dropped contact with us, or vice-versa. This honestly makes it feel much less rewarding to write here, even as they've added or started working on technical improvements (beta Create Entries page! Image hosting! Markdown! SSL!) which have made the site work even better for us.

  2. "Social" is taking over. Where by "social" I mean large, heavily monetized sites, which track their denizens everywhere across the 'net and then serve up ads which are more or less scientifically determined to influence their buying behaviour. We've been resisting it for the longest time because we really hate ads, but like ... you have to have a Disqus account to discuss anything, anywhere, now. You have to be on Facebook to talk to anyone about anything. Very few of us seem to have agency to change that, and the ones who have the agency are only concerned with milking the ones who don't for all they're worth.

  3. Backlash is becoming a thing. Where by "backlash" I mean things like stalkers and organized hate movements. Not targeting me personally (because they don't know I exist) but pretty much anyone who says anything, anywhere online, that they a) understand and b) take violent exception to.

What do? Any thoughts? Does this place, do these writings, does any of it mean anything to anyone? And if they do ... how many of the people they matter to will still be here next year?

The one pleasant trend I've noticed is Patreon becoming A Thing, but at this point I can count on one hand the number of regular commenters here. So I don't think we're anywhere near the point where we should be talking about it.

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