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They just released the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV, and one of the collector's edition bonuses -- which owners of previous collector's editions got for free -- is the "wind-up Moogle" pet.

If you get two or more of them together at the same time, they start dancing. And it is SO ADORABLE OMG.

I saw it get up to five before one of the Moogles started glitching out.

A group of four tiny flying, white-furred creature with bat wings and orange pom-poms dancing with each other in a circle in front of a bulletin board, in a cloud of colourful musical notes.

Date: 2014-04-15 01:38 am (UTC)
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:D :D

I can't remember whether World of Warcraft put so much effort into kawaii, anywhere. I suppose kawaii isn't really a WoW thing, and there are cute things in WoW, but this really seems to be more of a Final Fantasy strong suit.

Been a long time since I MMOed~

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