Dec. 1st, 2013

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Capitalists seem to resent the idea of poor people having free time. We are supposed to always be scrambling to meet their demands, whether by making ourselves more desirable to recruiters (sort of like how women are supposed to dress to meet male gaze) or by dropping everything to complete a project, relocate at their whim, or rush to the Black "Friday" sales while you're still full of Thanksgiving dinner. Here in the States, anyway.

I'm not above making deals with capitalists when they are favourable to me. I'm writing this in Microsoft Office OneNote. But I think I need to redefine "favourable" so that I'm not feeling frantic and scared that I haven't played by their rules well enough. Like I did this past weekend, when I was suddenly worried about scarcity for things that I'd never wanted to buy before then.

Sometimes it's unavoidable. To some extent, most of us have to play by their rules. And sometimes, the fear of scarcity makes a situation exciting, not desperate.

But so far, international capitalists have shown that no matter how well I play by their rules, how much I give up for them, or even how loyal I am to their "brands," they're willing to dropkick my tail in a heartbeat if someone gives them a better offer. This mercenary view of relationships is encouraged by things like corporate bylaws, articles of incorporation, cultural emphasis on short-term gain extracted through cleverness, and the simple fact that people who live so far removed from others' lives feel few or no qualms about screwing them over.

I think that it would be better for me, in the long run, to form relationships with individual people, and to prioritize that over serving the capitalists' whims whenever possible. Both because people who care deeply about my well-being will not let me die or go without things that I need, and because I personally feel more motivated to do my best work for people I know will treat me as a person.

It's incredibly demotivating to be reminded of how much power some people have over my life, who didn't do anything to deserve it and who want me to beg and jump through flaming hoops for them. But when I think about lives that I've touched, and the joy that my writing, creating, and simply existing seems to bring to some people, I feel like I'd do anything for them.

I think that it can be complicated to live life, as much as possible, away from capitalists' demands and rewards. But the latter are conspicuously absent for me these days, and they haven't let up with the former. So I think that if I'm going to stay sane and healthy, I need to ignore as many of their demands as possible, and find other ways to get the things that they claim they'll reward me with. Whether it's hardware, entertainment, or a sense of personal well-being.

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"Honest seekers of truth can know for certain that God lives and has a plan for their lives."

Why it's harmful: Because being preoccupied with getting ultimate answers to unanswerable questions means you find them, one way or another. Whether by having someone else tell you, or making them up for yourself. And because these questions are unanswerable, that means all the answers are wrong.

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"You should seek after things with eternal significance."

Why this belief is harmful: On the surface, this sounds like Jesus' "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven." But rather than meaning that you should help people and seek spiritual meaning, instead of hoarding stuff for yourself, the way it was taught to me in Mormonism is that you should never trust your own judgment about pretty much anything. It doesn't matter if something seems harmless, or healthy, or even necessary to you or others. If it's not going to be around forever, or be okay to have or do or be with in God's Celestial Kingdom, then it's worthless.

This can have horrifying consequences.

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