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This essay is part of a series based on Meirya's 30 Days of Otherkin Challenge. These essays describe what it's like for Jewelfox to be otherkin. If you don't know what otherkin are, please read Jewelfox's Otherkin FAQ.

Because [personal profile] jewelfox is a plural system, each member will answer each question for herself.

1. What is your current identity?

Taryn: Um ... imagine that Inari Okami decided to do a Demon: the Fallen style possession of someone, in order to play with human video games and technology. Now imagine she only had to split off one of her tails to do that, and both she and the fox she created regret that fox having been brought into existence because it hasn't been pleasant for that fox. >_>

Claire: I'm some version of Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, as a velociraptor. I prefer anthro to feral, Pulse to Cocoon, and "proto-avian" to "dinosaur." I'm the bird part of our gryphon fursona, and I'd rather be a phoenix than something that people immediately associate with a reptilian movie monster. Unfortunately, I don't get to pick my kintype. If I'd been able to, I would've made the fictive part "random Windurstian number eleven."

Rei: I am probably one of many clones of Rei Ayanami. I don't know which one. I don't know which movie or series. I don't know why I have to be here, and not there. I don't know why I asked to be drawn as a fox when I'm not one. And I don't know what the ending of Evangelion meant, either. Congratulations!

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