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This is Mira Fox, the character we play in FFXIV. Apparently there are a lot of RPers in Eorzea, and some of them even use Fate. Who would have thought?

(Please note that the use of "men" to mean people is a turn of phrase that is unfortunately common in Mira's world, and which she might be only beginning to question.)


[+4] Great Skill: Crafts.
[+3] Good Skills: Conjuration, White Magic.
[+2] Fair Skills: Empathy, Notice, Will.
[+1] Average Skills: Athletics, Contacts, Lore, Rapport.

Primary Aspects

High Concept Aspect: Wandering White Mage. Mira Fox (born "Mia Elakha") was encouraged at a young age to travel to Gridania and seek training as a Conjurer, by a traveling Padjal White Mage who saw the elements' blessing on her. Since the time she was able to do so, she has followed in that mage's footsteps, and now wanders the whole of Eorzea as the land and its creatures suggest. Simultaneously approachable and otherworldly, she can never be counted on to be in a given place at a given time. But if she is there, in her red-and-white traveling robes with the gilded staff left by her mentor, expect seas to part and rocks to cleave asunder at her request.

Trouble Aspect: Amoral Animist. Mira considers the lives of beastmen, beasts, and men to be equally valuable, and even sees certain plants or pieces of spiritbonded equipment as people. She may speak up in defence of things that most consider nonsapient, express points of view others find disturbing, or fail to be properly horrified at the thought of beasts hunting Wood Wailers … or refugees being turned away from the Twelveswood. She can usually be counted on to show kindness to those nearby, but her explanations of her Blue And Orange Morality may seem shockingly callous to others, and she may take offence at things others deem harmless.

General Aspects

Featherless Neuker

A number of beastmen all across Eorzea are familiar with Mira, for better or worse, as a result of her aiding factions among them which are more amenable to contact with outsiders. She frequently gets in trouble with both feathered and featherless people, for her openness to cross-culture contact. On the bright side, she has also made a number of friends this way.

Harmonious Harvester

Because of her ties to the Elementals, harvesting natural resources is a spiritual meditation for Mira. She tries to take from the land only what it freely gives, and gives prayers and small offerings to the spirits of the land in return for its favour. The land does not always part with its treasures, though, and there are places that just hate her guts, to the point where they cause trouble for her even while she's not harvesting from them.

Lady Creator

By communing with the materials she's drawn from the land, and bonding a little bit of her own spirit into each crafting project, Mira coaxes them to willingly take new shapes. She often seems to be in a trance while crafting, whether she's sewing or mixing reagents, and that isn't too far from the truth. Other crafters may see her approach as strange, and there are times when it may not serve her as well as a more detached outlook. But it also helps her see the interconnectedness of all things, and the "recipes" behind even the most complex situations.

Stress Boxes

Mental: 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ]

Physical: 1[ ] 2[ ]






Harmony of Elements: Mira can use her Conjuration skill to Create an Advantage, which she can then use for a Crafts roll.

Holiest of Holies: Mira gains +2 on her rolls to use the White Magic skill to attack all foes in the same zone as her.

I'm a Keeper: Mira gains +2 on her Notice rolls in dim lighting, or when using scent.

Swiftcast: Once per encounter, Mira may use the Conjuration or White Magic skills without spending an action to do so.

Refresh Rate

Mira begins each session with two Fate Points.

Character sheet formatting (and the I'm a Keeper stunt, representing her species) yoinked from Knight Kat's character sheet. This is what the characters for [community profile] capsulerp will look like once we get them posted, so let us know if you have any questions ~

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